Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Sunshine On A Rainy Day

***Photos to follow***

I have definitely caught the "designing" bug, this is my second necklace today!! This one is slightly more work than Purple Haze, but only just. :)

Yarn of your choice and matching hook - I've used DK cotton and a 3mm hook. I've also used a metal ring as the basis for my centre circle, but the "magic circle" technique would work just as well.

Flower Pendant-
Round One: 24sc around your metal (magic) ring
Round Two: Chain 7 (treat as first dc), then *dc, ch3* 7 times. sl st to 3rd chain at beginning. This gives you eight chain spaces.
Round Three: *sc, hdc, dc, tr, dc, hdc, sc* into each of the 8 chain spaces, sl st to first sc and fasten off.

Hole Side: Chain 70, turn and sl st into 8th chain from hook, sl st into following 2 st, fasten off.
Button Side: Chain 70, turn and sc into next 4 stitches, sl st into next st and fasten off. This will give you a wider band to attach your button to. Sew on button, making sure its the right size for the hole on the other band!!

Purple Haze Necklace

Well, here is my first published "pattern". Apologies for the poor quality pictures.

The necklace is made of 5 interlocking rings, crocheted over in Single Crochet - so simple! Great for using up some of those odds and ends. On that note... Stash Busting Tally = 1 item :)