Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Busy, busy, baby!

Apologies for the delay in transmission, life suddenly got very full!

Little man arrived safe and sound on the 8th April 2010, leaving me needing quite a lot of after care but now pretty much mended. He has slotted into our little family nicely and we are bouncing along as a happy foursome now. His big brother loves him to death and is very generous with his "duddles". My little bundle is thriving and his mummy-milk is making him gain weight at a fantastic rate. He is now two and a half weeks old and at 2 weeks he weighed 8lb 6oz. I am very proud! lol
My parents are due to return from a mammoth holiday in Asia/Australia on Saturday, so I am very excited about that. They should have been home 3 weeks previous to this but the "Ash Cloud Incident" has delayed their return. I can't wait to introduce them to their latest grandchild!

Previous Post Update:
The lost project from Alabama has now been reunited with its original owner, thanks to the brilliant members of Ravelry and there undying quest. How many times was that thread "bumped" to keep it going? Its amazing to think that a random piece of lost knitting has actually found its way home!

My breastfeeding shawl is still being worked on. I haven't managed to find a lot of time for my crafting in recent weeks (wonder why?!?!), but its still coming along just slower than planned.

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