Monday, 10 December 2012

Spiral Christmas Hanging

I've been away for a while, doing lots including making Christmas gifts and working on the Never Ending Baby Blanket.

Well, this morning I decided that my dining room needed an extra bit of decoration, and as I had a few spare baubles I decided to make a hanging decoration to go in the centre of the ceiling. I also remembered to take some photos to help you to be able to make your own if you want to!

My was very low cost as I used the lid from a recycled pizza box, a spare scrap of wrapping paper, some fishing wire from my craft box and the spare baubles that wouldn't fit on this year's tree.

Gather your supplies

Using a plate as a guide, cut your circle out

Wrap your circle with paper

Using a sewing needle, thread your wire through
the circle in your desired pattern.
I used an inward spiral shape for mine.
Secure on the uncovered side with tape.
Remember to increase the length of your wire for each bauble!

Tie your baubles on to the other end of the wire,
and hang in location!

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