Tuesday, 20 November 2012

A little sew (and sew)...

This is definitely one of the quickest things I have endeavoured to make lately. Now, I am the first to admit that I am no master seamstress. In fact, truth be told, I barely know my way around a sewing machine despite my best efforts. I certainly couldn't tell you what the drawfull of sewing feet are used for, and it took me a good hour to figure out how to thread the bobbin! In my defence, it is an old hand-me-down machine with no manual.

So, while hubby had snatched all three children from under my nose to allow me some peace (a rare thing in a house with three children under five), I decided that I would make myself a new phone case. Ooh, and meet Tilly. I think she has sights on being a better seamstress than me. Let's be fair though, it wouldn't take much!

I found this lovely pattern and tutorial via a nice little collection of things to make with fat quarters, grabbed my bits and pieces and headed to the machine.

Me being me, I was lacking in the necessary parts to actually complete the task, but was satisfied with the alternative that I found in my craft box. As you can see, I was missing the batting and fusible interfacing, however it was nothing that a thin piece of felt couldn't fix!

It doesn't look too bad from those pictures. There is only one problem... my iPhone doesn't actually fit inside it. I am 100% certain that the pattern is accurate; it seems from comments on the page that other people have had no difficulty with it. What is at play here is the evil of "lack of skills". 

One day soon I will make something that turns out as planned!!

On a more positive note, my mum popped over for a coffee and a slice of the brownie that I made yesterday. While she was here, I borrowed her phone to measure it up against the case. Guess what? It fits perfectly. One more Christmas gift sorted!

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