Friday, 16 November 2012

Almost showed myself up as "that" mum

You know the one I mean... The one that forgets everything, lives in a world of her own and never seems to quite know what is going on. 

Don't get me wrong, I AM that mum - I just can't have my children or the other mums being aware of that fact!! I came this >< close to sending my poor firstborn off to school in his uniform on a Mufti Day (for those who aren't familiar with the term, it's a non-uniform day). If it hadn't been for a chance glance at my vast notice board, and my eye being drawn to a school notice that looked out of date and in need of filing in the bin, then F would have been the only child not adorned with colourful spots today. As it was, I ripped down the offending expired school letter only to find that there was further information printed on the reverse - not least of all about today. Cue a mad dash through F's drawers to find a plain white t-shirt, a crazy rummage through my craft stash for my coloured markers, then followed by some super speedy dot drawing as hubby and I set to work in time for school. I am under no illusion that my poor 4 year old is going to return home covered, front and back, in faded coloured spots that are certain to bleed out of the fabric throughout the day; there was no time to seal them!

I must admit, it wasn't quite the crafting I had in mind for today, but at least it was a free Mufti Day. Plus, the children get a free disco after school. F's first after school event.

It certainly makes a difference to have things provided for free though. I never fully appreciated just how much my child's state provided education would cost me. Take today for example; F's school bag is crammed full with forms to be returned for this order and that order. We're getting his fine artwork printed onto a set of Christmas cards, and his individual school photo order is due in today, to name but two. Those two alone have set us back £25.95, and we selected the cheapest option on both forms! Last week we handed over £24 for a photo of the whole class and and £1.30 for a cake sale, not to mention baking and donating those self same cakes that we then bought back.

A rethink of the family budget is definitely in need, I think!

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