Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Chelsey's Bag; my first fairy step into pattern design

I've started my venture into the world of pattern design with more of a half hop than a leap, but here it is - Chelsey's Bag. I'll admit that I have played it rather safe; felt with a cotton lining and a little bead work. I'm quite proud of it though!

I drew up the design and turned it into a PDF last night, perhaps a little presumptious since at that point I had no real clue as to whether or not the design would work in reality. So far today I have stitched the lining together and already I have found my first error. The side panels were too long, but after a quick trip back to the drawing board - well, the laptop - they have been amended and now fit perfectly.

This morning, in between children and housework, the felt and cotton have all been cut to size. Thanks to the unusually compliant little people, I have also managed to sew together the lining for the bag. As an added bonus I even remembered to take some pictures of the process so that I can publish the pattern and some sort of tutorial when I've finished.

Look! I'm sewing and it's going to plan. :-)

Tilly didn't approve of today's activities though and did her best to try to sabotage my work with her wet paws! I managed to flick my precious bag liner out of her way just as she was about to position her rather soggy behind on it. What it is about cats and their need to sit on your work-in-progress?

Here's hoping that I will be able to return to you tomorrow with pictures of a completed bag, and perhaps even a pattern ready and waiting for you to try out.

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