Saturday, 17 November 2012

The Christmas crafting has begun

I know, I know, I'm a bit slow off the mark this year. I seem to have spent more time "pinning" ideas and not a single minute actually translating those ideas into actual, presentable articles.

We're on an economy drive this year and have vowed not to spend more than absolutely necessary, and yet still have a monumental Christmas. My first money saving gift idea comes in the form of homemade, personalised ceramic coasters. I struck lucky one day in B&Q and found a box of these 4" tiles reduced to £1 for 25 tiles! Combined with a 10 pack of coloured permanent markers from a pound shop, some felt to back the tiles with and 30 minutes in a super hot oven to seal them, I now have enough coasters for every adult in the family for the grand total of £3.50. Now that is penny pinching!!

And considering I'm not known for my drawing abilities, I'd say they turned out just about ok...

However, I have since found a much better method on Pinterest. Unfortunately the original blog post seems to have gone astray but all the instructions are right there on the Pin, so I'll keep my fingers crossed someday soon as I give it a go! If it turns out better, then I could always reuse the tiles that I have already decorated.

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